Shark Speak: How do you feel about the changes to the food made on campus?

Cheryl Joseph

Cheryl Joseph, sophomore biology major

“I think it’s a good starting point for making the changes but there is definitely still room for more improvement.”

Rosibelle Hiraldo

Rosibelle Hiraldo, sophomore business administration major

I really like the food changes this year because there is more variety and the food rotates more often. It seems that everyone likes it more this year.”

Casey (1)

Casey Carotenuto, junior criminal justice major

“I think it’s good that they are switching the foods up so that it doesn’t get old too fast. The fact that the places are switching up their menus so often is great.”

Natasha Anselmo

Natasha Anselmo, sophomore marine biology major

“The food quality is better than last year but there still needs to be improvement. I think that the quality of food needs to improve more and more options on campus would be better than eating the same food over and over again.”

Rade Jibawi Rivera

Rade Jibawi Rivera, freshman biology major

“I haven’t noticed the change since I’m a freshman, but I do see quite a variety. Flight Deck is my favorite because it offers the best food in my opinion. I would appreciate a restaurant with a more consistent, set menu.”

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