Finding Fitness: Pole Dancing

Pole Fitness is one of the hottest new trends on the block. Pole Dancing, which is typically associated with gentlemen’s clubs and other erotic dance venues, is turning over a new leaf as a fun, refreshing way to work out.

Studio 595 in Davie is an alternative fitness studio which combines multiple aerial style fitness classes such as Pole Fitness, Aerial Silks and more to bring a light-hearted approach to your routine. Carolina Zeldin, an instructor and part-owner of Studio 595, wanted to bring Pole Fitness to Davie as “it hasn’t been seen here before” and was a great opportunity to introduce this fitness style to the community of South Florida.

Some people may still be hesitant to participate in this type of workout because of its connotation, but Zeldin and her studio intend to “take the taboo” out of the pole. By offering beginner classes such as stretching and flexibility, they allow people to try it without judgment in an open and safe environment. For those who enjoy these classes, they have more advanced classes such as “SexyFlow” with a  BYOH (bring your own heels) option that adds to the experience and challenges you to learn more advanced techniques.

“Not everyone climbs [the pole] on their first day so having those beginner classes allows people to learn at their own pace,” Zeldin said.

According to Zeldin, the environment in these classes allows for a mental exercise component as well. These classes are music-based and are very expressive which helps with confidence, self-worth and other components to improve your mental health.

“The more movement and rotation of your joints and other body components can help people with less active careers such as desk jobs,” she said.

One great thing about this new workout regime is the focus on what some people consider the “problem areas” of the body that tend to maintain water weight and body mass.

“Pole fitness is a very holistic workout. It combines flexibility, upper body, lower body, dance, cardio and core work to create the ideal workout for everyone,” Zeldin said.

Studio 595 calls themselves an open to everyone establishment, so anyone is welcome to start classes; gender, race and other social groupings are left at the door. Males and females alike are welcome to take these classes as long as you are a participant. Spectators may be great, but at Studio 595, they focus on participating in pole and other classes as an art form and encouraging students to learn at their own pace in the comfort of their own space — without the fear of judgment from others.

As college students, new experiences are welcome, especially in fitness and hobbies, but gym memberships can be costly. Studio 595 offers opportunities for new clients at a discounted price for three classes. That way, you can try out their classes and see how you like them. For more information, call Studio 595 at 954-861-0889.

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