Out of the Shark Zone, Oct. 3, 2017

Dwyane Wade signs veteran’s deal with Cleveland

On Sept. 24, NBA player Dwyane Wade agreed to a buyout contract with the Chicago Bulls, putting him on the open market in need of a team. Wade received multiple offers from teams such as the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors. However, he ultimately turned them down to play with his former teammate, Lebron James, with the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to ESPN, Wade signed a one -year “veteran’s minimum” contract for $2.3 million.

A Chicago Cub collides with nachos

During the Cubs-Cardinals game four series this week, Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell dove after a foul ball in the stands, straight into a fan’s plate of nachos. While fans knew that sitting in an un-netted area provided its own risks, Russell brought out a brand-new plate of nachos for the fan a couple of innings later. According to NBC, when Russell was questioned about his actions, he said “You don’t want to get in the way of a man and his nachos.” The Chicago Cubs won the game with a score of 10 – 2.

Pittsburgh Steelers comment on kneeling protest

On Sept. 24, in a show of unity, some NFL teams and players decided to kneel, sit or lock arms during the playing of the national anthem in response to President Trump’s comments stating that owners should respond to NFL players who kneel during the national anthem. According to The Guardian the president’s exact words were, “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!” The Pittsburgh Steelers had planned to stay in the locker room as a team, however, former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva was photographed standing alone outside the locker room. In a statement made to ESPN, Villanueva explained that he had originally planned on standing within the tunnel with his team behind him. However, the timing got messed up, causing him to stand alone. In his statement to ESPN, he said, “We butchered our plan to sort of have a response for the national anthem and respect everyone’s opinions.” Villanueva stated that his only concern with the situation was that he was worried that people would see this and think that the team was not behind him in his decision, which was “absolutely wrong.”

Police find no evidence in Michael Bennett case

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett accused the Las Vegas Metro Police Department of racial profiling following his detainment on Aug. 26, citing the use of excessive force. According to ESPN, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo viewed 861 surveillance videos of the surrounding area to get a clear view of the incident, since the arresting officer’s body cam was not turned on. On Sept. 30, the department stated that they found “no evidence” of racial profiling, saying that the officers acted “appropriately and professionally.”

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