Trick or treat for an internship

Students interested in a science-related internship or research opportunity can go to “Trick to the Treat” hosted by the Halmos College of Natural Science and Oceanography (CNSO) and Career Development on Oct. 26 from 11:30-1p.m. in the Cotilla Gallery on the second floor of the Alvin Sherman Library.

Students will have a chance to talk to students who have participated in previous internships in small group discussions. Similar to a speed dating scenario, students will have 10-12 minutes at each table to ask questions about their research, the process of applying to that specific internship and even a few questions of their own. There will also be a table with faculty from the CNSO to give information about on-campus opportunities such as Career Shadowing or to discuss their own research.

This annual event was started by CNSO to help give students the opportunity to learn how to get an internship and see what internship was right for them.

Emilio Lorenzo, the assistant director of the Office of Career Development, said, “When students hear from their peers about their experiences and how they fit it into their schedules, they see value in it.”  

This event is the kick-off of Career Development’s season of internship and medical-based events to help students see where these internships might lead them and help them navigate what specifically they want to do in their future careers.

“Events like these seem to motivate students to explore the opportunities laid out for them [and] gives [students] the opportunity to personally reach out to faculty members and introduce themselves professionally to express interest in their respective work,” said Lorenzo.

Students who RSVP on Handshake and attend this event will receive gift bags to collect candy from table to table while learning about internships and research opportunities. Each table will also have fliers and other handouts with crucial information about each internship and research opportunity. Pizza and drinks will also be provided at this RSVP exclusive event.

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