Fall pumpkin décor DIYs

While the weather here in South Florida may not feel super fall-like, it’s still fall in our hearts. If you are looking to spread some fall joy around your dorm or home, check out these fun DIY pumpkin decorating ideas to spice up your space.

Fancy floral

If you’re a fan of floral patterns, this one is for you. Start by painting the pumpkin a base color, letting it dry completely. Once your base is finished, pick out four or five different colored paints to create flowers. You can look online at floral patterns that may inspire your design. Once you have painted on the desired amount of flowers, complete your floral pattern by drawing on some leaves as well. To spice up the pumpkin a little more, add some glitter or rhinestones to the design.

All that glitters

Looking to add some sparkle to your space? For this you’ll want to first lay down a base coat on the pumpkin in the color of your choice to mask the natural orange color. If you want to make a gold glitter pumpkin, consider gold paint, and if you want to have a pink glitter pumpkin, consider pink paint, and so on. After the base coat dries, apply a layer of mod podge and sprinkle the glitter. If needed, apply a second coat of mod podge and seal in the coats with hairspray.   


If you are a lover of plants and succulents, consider making this pumpkin DIY. For this, you’ll want to purchase a plastic or Styrofoam pumpkin so that you can cut off the top half and hollow it out if needed. Cut the top third of the pumpkin off to create a planter-like shape. Next, paint the pumpkin the color of your choice. Once it is dry, place soil and succulents of your choice into the pumpkin. This cute fall-themed planter is the perfect addition to any dorm or living area.

Spell it out

Maybe you want your pumpkin to really make a statement. For this DIY, paint the pumpkin the color of your choice and allow it to dry. Then, using stencils or by freehand, paint out words onto your pumpkin. Some phrases could be “dorm sweet dorm,” “happy fall” or “thankful.” This DIY really lets you show off your creative side with the different combinations you can make. Whether it’s your name or your favorite quote, these pumpkins are sure to wow your visitors.

Get your shine on

If all else fails, a little metallic touch never hurts. For this, you’ll need a pumpkin and some metallic spray paint. Simply find space outdoors to safely spray your pumpkin and let it dry overnight. The metallic pop of this pumpkin will look perfect as a centerpiece or just a simple décor item in the corner of a home.

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