Green Shark’s Hallogreen to take place Oct. 30

The Green Sharks are hosting their first ever Hallogreen on Oct. 30. The event, which starts at 7 p.m., is the final Green Sharks event for Campus Sustainability Month.

“Campus Sustainability Month is a nationwide thing, so it’s just getting campuses all over to recognize sustainability and look more into green initiatives,” said Alexis Good, junior marine biology major and president of Green Sharks.

Megan Knights, junior environmental science major and vice president of Green Sharks, said the club is “focusing more on reusable materials, water conservation and living and eating sustainably.”

Laid out like a fashion show, Hallogreen invites organizations to create Halloween costumes out of recycled or already used materials.

“The costumes will be judged by professors on campus based on percentage of recycled [materials used for the costumes], how Halloween themed [the costumes] are and just overall creativity,” Good explained.

The winner will receive a prize. Knights came up with the idea for Hallogreen after seeing how popular fashion shows are on campus.

“[NSU] had a fashion show last year [for] business attire,” Knights said. “I thought we could do one out of recycled materials, and since it was Halloween time, I thought it would be a really good idea.”

The Green Sharks are using Hallogreen and Campus Sustainability Month to help spread the message that it is easy to recycle and be sustainable.

“You can have creative Halloween costumes that you don’t have to buy anything for, that are free and [made of] reusable materials. You’re saving the environment and you’re making something fun out of it at the same time,” said Knights.

“You can use already used stuff for new things. You can craft new things out of stuff you’ve already used or recycled things. It’s called upcycling,” Good commented.

If you want to participate in Hallogreen or have any questions, you can contact Alexis Good at

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