NSU to host its first Amazing Race event

NSU’s Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement is hosting their first ever Amazing Race event on Nov. 17. This year’s theme is “Conquer the Continents,” as each of the seven challenges correspond to one of the seven continents to celebrate International Education Week. Student organizations and departments will sponsor the challenges.

“The Amazing Race event is pretty much based on the actual reality show, so it’s teams of two that are completing different challenges,” explained Tamara Lumsden, the graduate assistant for weekend programming under special events and projects. “We were invited to be a part of International Education Week. We tried to make our theme based on some type of cultural and international appreciation; that’s where we got the conquering the continents part.”

The Amazing Race is a popular American reality TV competition, in which the teams travel around the globe to solve clues, navigate foreign lands and complete assorted challenges. While NSU participants may not actually be traveling around the world, Lumsden said they will be very comfortable with navigating the campus when the event is over.

The stations will be held all over campus, from the Shark Circle to the Pagoda. Each challenge will be somewhat related to the culture of the continent it represents. Challenges can range from physical or mental games, obstacle courses and eating contests.

Lumsden encouraged anyone who has a competitive nature, enjoys physical and mental challenges and is looking for something fun and creative to do to sign up. There will also be prizes for the winners of the event, which is free to participate in.

“My events as weekend programming are all on campus, and they are all free,” said Lumsden. “Everything we do is just to get our students out of their beds on the weekends.

The deadline to collaborate as a sponsor has already passed, but interested participants can still sign up by Nov.14. Those interested in creating a team for the event or who want more information can contact Tamara Lumsden at cl1547@nova.edu or call 954-262-7193.

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