Security upgrades in NSU residence halls leave students with questions

The Office of Facilities Management sent out an email on Sunday, Oct. 29, informing residential students about an upcoming change to locks and keys for the students rooms in the residence halls on campus. The installment of the new lock and key upgrade started on Oct. 30 and will be complete by Nov. 13.

While many residential students are confused as to why the lock changes are taking place so suddenly and in the middle of the semester, NSU administration said there is no need to worry. Vice President for Facilities Management Jessica Brumley explained that there is no threat that has prompted the change in locks and keys.

“This has been a project that has been on our capital plan for some time, but it was something that was recently funded. We wanted to take advantage of the approval and get going with it,” said Brumley.

The new key and lock system brings a big upgrade as far as increased safety in the residence halls goes.

Executive Director of Facilities Management Alex MacNamara explained that the previous keys had “duplication prohibited” stamped on them to encourage unauthorized services to not allow anybody to make copies, but the new keys take that idea a step further.

“Basically what we have now is a patented key that is strictly dedicated to Nova Southeastern University, and no one else can duplicate it without our written consent and approval. It is quite a difference from a security perspective,” said MacNamara.

Director of Residential Life & Housing Aarika Camp also said that the lock and key upgrade will make a difference in safety for residential students.

“Students lose keys every day. What this new key system assures us is that no one will be able to duplicate the keys or trace the key, which means that the safety hazard associated with our students losing keys has been greatly reduced,” said Camp.

Camp has noticed the frustration of some residential students, but explained that changing keys is a smooth and quick process.

“We tried to make [swapping keys] as fast and painless as possible. I think on average, once a student came to get the key, it took maybe two minutes to give them the new key. It seems as though the majority of our students were understanding and had no real issue,” said Camp.

NSU prides itself on its safety and security, putting effort forth to make sure its students feel comfortable and safe on campus. The upgrade in locks and keys in the residence halls is another way to improve security for its students on campus.

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