Shark Speak: Describe this winter semester in three words, and explain why.

Amy AbdouAmy Abdou, freshman biology major

“Stressful, packed and science-y. All the classes I’m taking are for my bio major. I’m in the seven-year program so I have a very strict schedule I have to follow to get all my credits in time for the MCAT.”




Mackenzie ConleyMackenzie Conley, freshman neuroscience major

“Hectic, challenging and interesting. I have my hardest classes this semester. I’m taking neuroanatomy, biology, chemistry and criminal justice. Interesting classes, but challenging.”




brittany haiglerBrittany Haigler, freshman psychology major

“New, different and exciting. I’m changing my major which means I’m changing my courses. So it will be new, different and exciting.”





nathanya vidalNathanya Vidal, sophomore biology major

“Hard, difficult and enjoyable. The school work is supposed to be hard and sometimes I feel like I don’t get the help that I need [from professors] because most of them are adjuncts, especially being a bio major. But the people who help me stay are my sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Inc. because they push me to do my best, even if I’m not in the best circumstances. But still, I’m dreading this semester.”


priscilla velezPriscilla Velez, freshman neuroscience major

“Yikes, challenging and science-y. I’m taking four classes this semester and three of them are labs so it’s a lot of science. But, yeah I’m up for the challenge.”

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