We, the people, want to know how low Trump can really go

It’s astounding that Trump has been able to remain in office for this long. In fact, Jan. 20, marked one year since the billionaire-turned-politician had assumed office. Since Trump’s inauguration, the world has been watching the events unfold in Washington D.C. with amusement, confusion, but mostly disgust. In fact, according to a Jan. 14 Gallup report, 57 percent of Americans disapprove of the job that the president has been doing. So, exactly how low will we allow him to go before some action is taken to remove him from office?

Throughout the 2016 presidential election, many scoffed at the idea that a billionaire-turned-politician who had been accused of sexual assault could even potentially assume the role of the president. The public’s disdain grew as footage and audio surfaced of the presidential-hopeful brushing off the allegations. After all, why wouldn’t anyone understand that “grab ‘em by the [genitals]” was simply standard locker-room talk? Imagine that newspapers like this one can’t even print a statement made by our president because of the nature of the words used. Is it really acceptable that our nation’s children can’t even listen to our leader, someone who scores of influencers tell them that they can aspire to be like, without the use of some parental controls to block out profanity, sexual innuendos and other filth?

Further, Trump has gone out of his way to prove, time and time again, that he is repulsed by the idea of minority peoples living in America. Since he decided to run for office, Trump has been insistent on building a wall bordering Mexico and the U.S. At first the public was told not to worry about the cost because he would ensure that the Mexican government pay for the construction. Later when we learned that Mexico, shockingly, refused to do so, Americans were told that it would only cost taxpayers $12 billion to build the wall even though according to the Department of Homeland Security the real cost would be around $21.6 billion excluding maintenance fees. But, that would really just be small peanuts assuming that we all have wealthy fathers to give us modest loans of a million dollars.

Still, if you happened to hold the belief that Trump was merely limiting minority access to the U.S. for security reasons, with a heavily-unsupported travel ban and talks of a giant “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall,” his true intentions were made quite clear on Jan. 11. Because who else could spew such bigoted, hateful language like “shithole countries” at a bipartisan meeting, literally meant for the discussion of differing opinions?

It’s not enough to deride his comments. Quietly complaining about Trump’s leadership behind closed doors or through the digital vortex doesn’t really do very much. If the majority of Americans disagree with what’s happening in Washington D.C., then we shouldn’t need to rely on a poll to know this; we should be able to see that through the movement of the people. If you’re not taking action then you are part of the problem. So, again I ask, how much lower can Trump really go before he’s removed from office?

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