How to plan your singles party

For many couples, Valentine’s Day is a day filled with gifts and cute endeavors, while single people are forced to wallow in self-pity and watch said couples enjoy their romantic day on social media. This year, instead of ugly-crying in front of your television while “The Notebook” plays on loop, try doing something fun like inviting your other single friends over to accompany you. On that note, you’d probably have a more enjoyable day if you planned a single’s party. It’s a celebration of being single and not being wrapped up in the materialistic and commercialized holiday that is Valentine’s Day.

Step one: Food

First thing is first for any party: you need food. More specifically, snacks. If you’re single, you probably aren’t watching your weight for anyone, so go all out. Make it a potluck and have your friends bring their favorite comfort food. Buy boxes of chocolate, because who else is going to get you some?

Step two: Decorations

Keep things light and cozy for the party. Place good-smelling candles all around and cover your sofas and chairs with fuzzy blankets and pillows. Cover up all mirrors to avoid the possibility of looking into one and remembering how you ended up at this single’s party to begin with. All jokes aside, try to make your space feel as comforting and cozy as possible.

Step three: A good flick

Next, watch a good horror movie to remind yourself the horrors of dating and trusting another person with your soul. Another great movie to watch is the appropriately titled “Valentine’s Day.” This romantic-comedy will revive your cold soul. It shows the day from various angles leaving you hopeful.

Step four: Comfort

Also, don’t forget tissues for when reality sets back in and you remember how single you are.

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