Shark Speak: How well do you think NSU clubs, organizations and administration run holiday-specific events?

Jaylynne ThomasJaylynne Thomas, freshman speech language pathology

“I think they do events pretty well. They have a lot of events to choose from. I know a lot of the athletes are going to the basketball game and then there are events in the actual dorms, like Commons and Goodwin. There are a lot of events to go to, it just depends on who your friend group is and where your friends are going. I go home for most holidays because I am from Rhode Island, but my friends that stayed for Thanksgiving said that they had pretty good food.”


Yandi Augustin

Yandi Augustin, graduate MBA student

“I went to the Super Bowl [event] and it was good. There was a lot of food and beverages and I had a really great time.”





Saba AnsariSaba Ansari, sophomore biology major

“I think NSU is very organized when it comes to those things and they have a lot of attention grabbers and students who persuade people to [go to these events]. There are a lot of attractions.”




Jessica CintronJessica Cintron, freshman human development and family studies major

“They probably run it really well. I just do not know about any of them because they do not really put it out there as well as they could. I live on campus so they should put it out more and add more posters and stuff like that.”




Janai MoodieJanai Moodie, freshman business management major

“The events I have been to have been run well and they are really good. It is just that [I don’t know about] holiday-specific ones. I did not know that we had the Super Bowl [event], I didn’t even know we had one for that.”

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