Shark Speak: How well does NSU support its student body?

Neha AletyNeha Alety, freshman biology major

“Academically, I believe we have a lot of resources like the Tutoring and Testing Center and the Writing Studio that help NSU students progress academically.”




Sarah MargolisSarah Margolis, sophomore exercise and sport science major

“Pretty well. If you create relationships with administrators and people that make the decisions here, they are so helpful and there are many resources available to you, but most people don’t know about them. So people need to be engaged on campus and go find out more about these helpful people.”


Adrienne AngAdrienne Ang, freshman biology major

“There are many resources on campus. For example, we have academic advisors and student career development advisors that help us out when we need it and they try to help us in our success.”




Andrew LaufenbergAndrew Laufenberg, freshman finance major

“I think NSU supports its students very well, there are multiple offices that students can go to like Student Leadership and Civic Engagement and Career Development to name a couple. So there’s many resources on campus that students can reach out to but is up to the students to take that first step and reach out to those offices.”


Kishan UnjiaKishan Unjia, freshman behavioral neuroscience major

“I think the school definitely supports students very well with all the resources they offer. If you ever need any help there’s always someone you can talk to.”

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