Did you ever hear about it?

Have you ever been home at night just going through Snapchat or Instagram stories to notice that many different NSU accounts have posted stories about an event happening in that moment? Have you ever gotten mad knowing it is too late to go? Well, I have been in this position many times. No matter how many social media accounts I follow, there’s always several events I don’t hear about until it’s too late.

I follow many NSU accounts from NSU departments to student-run organizations, so why am I not able to even know about these events before they’re going to happen? Sometimes visuals are very important when talking about an event – it shouldn’t be only about the name but the creation of the marketing materials also.

Social media isn’t the only way to communicate with other students. I don’t know if it is prohibited in other buildings, but I only see flyers of events in the UC, which I usually don’t visit. Flyers should be shared around campus, or at least mentioned a lot more. Events should be advertised more to students, especially since not everyone follows all social media accounts.

Organizations are a great way to connect with other students and network, so these events should be more of an opportunity to socialize for many people. Yet, the members themselves often don’t talk about their own events.

Many NSU events are focused not only on food and games, but working with different charities and opportunities for students. But, since many students are not aware, we don’t have the opportunity to assist. In these situations, we tend to just pass by events and ignore them, and we often miss out on fun and helping out with something special.

Organizations and NSU itself should take into consideration the many ways that an event can be advertised to their students, because it’s not fun for organizers to create an event that students don’t come to. These events cost money, and when students don’t attend them organizations  lose their money and the time and effort they put into the event. Sometimes, these events are so great that once they happen and students discover they didn’t get a chance to attend, they get a serious case of F.O.M.O., or “Fear of Missing Out.” Let’s find new ways to communicate these fabulous and fun events that organizations and NSU creates for us.

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