Easy, safe and fun ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in a residence hall

Many things may come into your head when you think of St. Patrick’s day, from huge festivals and swimming in green beer — if you’re of legal age — to dining on some traditional Irish food and loading up on sweets. While the traditional celebratory nature of St. Patrick’s day may be difficult to achieve in a dorm, here are some quick and easy festivities to plan for your St. Paddy’s party.

Rent some award winning Irish films

The Irish film industry has quite a few flicks to be proud of. To get some authentic entertainment, try inviting a few friends over for a movie viewing. While the possibilities are endless, consider movies like “Brooklyn” for a new take on boy-meets-girl, military thriller “71” or whimsical fantasy “Ondine.” Whatever you choose, be sure to have some popcorn on hand.

Feed the crowd

If you’re having friends over for your party, one thing is definitely necessary: snacks. If corned beef and cabbage is a bit too labor-intensive for you, don’t fret — there’s plenty of other Irish-themed delicacies you can make on a budget and in a hurry. Consider laying out a fruit tray in the shape of a rainbow. Add a dish of gold-wrapped candies or a yogurt-based fruit dip on the end of your rainbow for some added fun. Or, buy some cauldron-esque plastic bowls, pour in some popcorn and voila, you have super fast pots of gold. Or, when all else fails, just dye your meal green! Add a few drops of food coloring to alfredo, eggs, cupcakes or soup. For a more natural option, try using pureed greens like spinach or kale to add a nice emerald hue.

Plan some games and entertainment

“Games” doesn’t have to mean shamrock bingo or coloring in the leprechaun like in elementary school. For a fun, updated way to celebrate, consider having a few activities in place for the night. Tell your guests to dress in the most green they possible can. The winner can get any prize of your choosing — whether it be a little treat or a homemade St. Paddy’s day crown crafted with markers and printer paper. For other fun games, try cabbage bowling by knocking down soda cans with a cabbage, rainbow ball toss by arranging cups in a rainbow pattern with different colored sodas inside to see who can get a golden coin in each cup or minute-to-win it coin toss, pot of gold style: try to bounce quarters into a plastic pot and see who gets the most coins in.

Hit the town

Do a quick search online to see if any local restaurants or counties are holding any festivals that might be fun and free to attend. From Irish dancing to authentic food, going the distance to one of these celebrations might be well worth the drive.

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