Diversity in Action series to close with ‘Ally’

The final installation of the Diversity in Action series, developed by Student Leadership and Civic Engagement (SLCE), will focus on the LGBTQ+  community and take place on April 9 in the Flight Deck from 5-6 p.m.

The event will be more of a lecture format with a guest speaker from Pride Center Fort Lauderdale, compared to previous Diversity in Actions events

“Basically, that’s intentional,” said Garrett Horejsi, graduate assistant for SLCE programming. “We know that a lot of students aren’t super familiar with that topic. If you don’t identify as a member of the LGBT community a lot of the times you don’t know a lot of it even means. So we’re hoping that someone who comes in will be able to break that ice.”  

Horejsi said that the event will be focused on teaching students how they can be allies for members of the LGBT community whether that be through activism or in everyday life.

“We just introduced this series this semester and we had four and we wanted to hit a wide variety of subjects,” said Horejsi. “We’re hoping to revamp the series next semester. So I think we were just trying to introduce this series to the student body and try to show them that this was going to be an all encompassing thing.”

Horejsi said that this event is designed to relate to students at all levels of knowledge on the subject.

“If you’re at level 0 or if you’re at level 10, you should come to this event,” said Horejsi.

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