Water your thoughts: Walking paths should have fast lanes, express lanes also welcome

I’ve been told that I’m a fast walker. I’m not sure if that’s more so because of my athletic history — yes, I’m full of surprises — having to keep up with the longer-legged persons in my family — which is just about everyone — or because my mother insisted that her children move with purpose when I was growing up. Whatever the root cause, leisurely strolls have never been my thing. So, you can imagine that getting stuck behind a group of “Chatty Cathys” or “walking zombies” entranced by their phones are particular ires of mine.

At one point, I thought that I might have been alone in my annoyance, but after making eye contact with other enthusiastic walkers, I know that I’m not alone. In fact, if you ever wish to get an idea of how many there are of us, block the walkway, slow down for a bit and listen for an exasperated sigh. If you’re lucky, you might also catch us tilting our heads to the sky, praying to the Almighty for a bit more patience.

To remedy the situation, I propose that walkers adopt the rules of the road. Slowpokes — I mean, leisurely walkers — should hold to the right side of the walkway. Are you experiencing issues, wish to chat with a fellow walker or need to check something on your phone? Feel free to pull off onto the shoulder until you are ready to resume at your pace. While this may be a stretch, I would also happily welcome the addition of an express lane, starting with the pathways at NSU. I won’t even pursue proprietary rights for the idea, since the piece of mind would be payment enough; a win-win situation if you ask me.

However, in the event that this amazing idea does not come to fruition for some ridiculous reason or another, can we all agree to be attentive to others be it at school, at fairs and, most importantly, at the mall? If you realize that you’re blocking a pathway, please move over. Your fellow walkers, including myself, will thank you.

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