Staying safe while flying solo

Almost everyone wishes to see more of the world — from the lure of faraway lands to the thrill of adventures abroad, it’s easy to understand why. Plenty of things can hold you back, however, whether it’s money, time or a number of other aspects. Even if you do have the budget and vacation days reserved, sometimes you can’t muster up that wanderlust in someone else to snag yourself a travel partner. But don’t let a lack of a buddy hold you back. With these tips, you’re sure to keep it safe — and reap the benefits — while flying solo.

Keep track of everything

If you’re hopping on a flight to your dream destination, try to keep it as light as possible. A carry-on piece of luggage and one personal item, like a tote bag or backpack, should be more than enough space if you pack smart. If you limit yourself to just these two items, it will be much easier to maneuver your way around the airport and to your destination, according to Jessie on a Journey. Having large, bulky bags to keep track of can lead to items getting stolen, slowing you down or just causing extra stress from lugging around bags in a foreign place for hours.

Don’t stay just anywhere

Hotels or lodging can quickly become the greatest expense, especially if you’re travelling alone and you don’t have someone to split the cost with. Even if it will cost you a few bucks, don’t stay at a hotel with few or poor ratings. When you’re travelling solo, the last thing you need is to feel unsafe in the place that you’re staying. It should be your refuge after a long day, not something you dread going back to. According to Forbes, the more positive ratings the better, as it will help you feel less vulnerable in an unfamiliar place. This doesn’t mean you have to go to a five star, all-inclusive resort, but if the difference is $20 a night to stay in a room that’s bug-free, locked and in a safe neighborhood, it might be worth it.

Start your day early, and turn in early

Being alone in the dark in a foreign place is scary. You’re not familiar with the roads, people may be looking to take advantage of you and your vision is somewhat impaired. To remedy this, try to start your day early, as encouraged by Forbes. Rather than waking up at noon, get a head start to your adventures and begin your day in the early morning. This way, you’ll be able to pack in more sightseeing before the sun starts to set, and it gets a bit more dangerous to travel alone. If you do find yourself out late, be sure to know where your hotel is, have a plan to get back and avoid anything that could impair your judgement or make you an easy target for crime.

Read ahead

You’re not the first person to travel alone. Before you embark on your adventure, do a quick search online to see if anyone has written a blog about their experience abroad in your destination of choice. There will likely be at least one, if not many, accounts of what others have done while travelling solo — read up on their trips, see what they did to help them feel safe and learn from their mistakes. Websites like and are even dedicated to this. After all, experience is a great way to gain wisdom, even if that experience isn’t your own.

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