Shark Speak: What do you do to feel comfortable in your own skin?

“I wear my croc’s to feel comfortable in my own skin.  I wear whatever I want and croc’s are [something] I like,” said  Megan Knights, senior environmental science major.








“I exercise and I listen to podcasts. I find distracting my mind helps me sort out things,” said Aisha Abdool, freshman behavioral neuroscience major.






“I remember that I am made that way I am supposed to be,” said Haley Watters, sophomore exercise and sports science major








“I usually go to the pool because swimming is like an escape for me whenever I’m feeling down,” said Rafi Chambasian, freshman business major








“ I hang out with my sisters in [Delta Phi Epsilon] and I go to the gym. It helps me gets into a good headspace,” said Hannah Sulo, sophomore exercise and sports science major.

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