Who’s it named after?

There are a lot of buildings that NSU students go in everyday and don’t even know who it’s named after. Knowing the history behind each building and person really lets you in on NSU’s unique history. Here are a few buildings named after some pretty cool people.

A.L. Mailman of the Mailman-Hollywood building

The Mailman family contributed much to the beginning of what we now call NSU. A.L. Mailman was a local Floridian businessman who donated the remaining $5,000 for the down payment on the school’s land. After donating the money, Nova University named one of their first buildings after him.

Marilyn Mailman Segal of the Mailman Segal Center for Human Development

Marilyn Mailman Segal was a developmental psychologist with a focus on early childhood development. She has written several books, including a five volume series on childhood development. Although there was already a building named after her father, A.L. Mailman, Marilyn’s passion for early childhood development lead her to founding the Mailman Segal Center for human development.

Louis W. Parker of the Parker Building

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Louis W. Parker has been credited with inventing hundreds of items. Some examples include the first colored television and the modern basis for coordinating sound and picture. After graduating secondary school, Parker immigrated to the United States and became a citizen in 1923. After Parker learned English, he began studying at the City College of New York. Parker’s advanced technology skills were utilized during World War II. Louis was responsible for inventing radio transmissions for military usage. Because of his many accomplishments, Nova University honored Parker by giving him an honorary Doctor of Science Degree. Shortly after, the school named a building after him.

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