Cultivate your own artistic aroma

Fall is here, which means it’s the time of year to fill your life with pumpkins. In the autumn spirit, you should eat pumpkin food, wear pumpkin-colored clothing and now smell like pumpkins, too. Fortunately, several independent perfume companies cultivate fall-specific scents to ensure you can adorn your aroma with the smell of jack-o-lantern carving and pumpkin-pie baking. In addition to lighter fall notes like pumpkins, cotton candy and candied apples, these companies offer mystical smells like woodsmoke, ink, leather, whiskey and fresh tobacco. Make your aura unique and distinct this season with these companies Halloween and fall collections:

Nocturne Alchemy

A San Francisco based company, Nocturne Alchemy (NE) has brought the world cruelty-free concoctions of niche floral, musk and herbs since 2006. For Halloween, the company has released over 40 distinct scents, some of which are combined into themed sets. If anything piques your interest, be sure to order before Oct. 28 as they are limited edition. For a sweeter smell, try their “Bastet’s Halloween Ice Creams” set: it includes four creamy gourmand flavors Candy Corn Crystalline Creme, Halloween Spice Cake Santalum Creme, Caramel Apple Kobalt Creme and Pumpkin Pie Crystal Creme. The perfumes break down with notes of candy corn accord, almond, butter, french vanilla bean absolute, nutmeg, cinnamon and even espresso. If you prefer to smell more mystical, NE also offers a “Clive Barker” set composed of scents Priest, Ghost, Rorschach and Curled Figure. Aspects in this set are frankincense, leather, smoke, sandalwood, red and white musk, cinder vanilla, black honey, patchouli, lavender, chamomile and cardamom. NE also sells individual scents like Coven, featuring black ylang ylang, white jasmine, tuberose, bastet’s amber and crimson red musk, and Hallowed Evening, featuring red wine, black tea, white sandalwood, red musk, hot apple cider and spices. Whatever aromas appeal to you, NE is (spell)bound to have a perfume to make you feel spooky. Check out this collection at


This brand is designed for “the adventurers, the dreamers, and those who know how to enjoy the view as this crazy world spins on its axis every day.” Poesie’s Halloween set may not be as expensive as NA’s, but there’s no trick here — treat yourself to one of six scents in their “Mary Shelley’s Nightmare” gothic perfume collection. Smell like a warm pastry shop with Creature Comforts or like a rosemary-surrounded lake in the middle of a pine forest with Villa Diodati. For those hopeless romantics who want to smell gooey even in the spooky season, spring for Young Romantics and let the presence of dark fig, velvet red rose, exotic spice, musk mallow and vanilla bean consume your lover. More unique scents from Poesie are Obedient Element, containing dragon’s blood incense, ink splashes on paper, pipe tobacco and melted beeswax, and We Shall Be Monsters, composed of bitter almond, licorice, bloody graveyard dirt, galbanum and taboo manuscripts. Lastly, “Mary Shelley’s Nightmare” offers a Year Without Summer option made of sweet opium, black amber, fresh coffee and green cannabis. Visit to purchase.


This indie company sells soap, hair care and incense, but of course, we’re here to dissect their perfume products. With plenty of creepy compositions, Hexennacht will certainly provide you with an idiosyncratic scent to haunt your Halloween. Their Graveyard perfume boasts of overturned dirt, pine and cedar wood. Mandrake takes a different approach with ginger beer, black peppercorn and cardamom while Moon smells like smoked vanilla, frankincense, Peru balsam, amber, vetiver and more musky mystery. Another oddity Hexennacht offers is Needful Things, smelling of vintage collectibles, furniture and knick-knacks.

As you can see, you can have every option to smell like anything from cotton candy to a seductive sorcerer. Take advantage of these independent companies’ hard work and treat yourself to more than candy this Halloween.

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