Shark Speak: Do you prefer reading hard copy books or e-books, and why?

“I like all my books hard copy because I just like to hold the book in my hands. Holding the book in my hand will definitely make me want to read it more, especially with textbooks. With a hard copy book, it’s easy for me to document where I leave off unlike e-books which make it harder to do so. E-books are easy to forget about since they’re online and not physically in front of me.”

–          Edward Almeida, freshman biology major



“I’m not a fan of e-books that much because sitting in front of the computer or iPad hurts my eyes after a while. Though e-books are very convenient in terms of finding information, having hard copy books are more nostalgic and helps me focus more. I’m old fashioned and I like being able to actually flip the pages of a book. Hard copy books are my book of choice.”

–          Stephanie Borbon, junior marketing major



I prefer e-books. I don’t like how expensive hard copy books are. They are double or sometimes triple the price than that of an e-book. E-books are way more convenient, less bulky and I can access them from my phone and laptop.”
Sabin Edwards, sophomore biology major




“I love e-books because they’re accessible and sustainable. I don’t have to go out anywhere and buy them which is a good thing. Being able to access an e-book and have it right in front of me at any time is very convenient.”
Sydney Lemon, senior marketing major




“I prefer hard copy books because it is easier to access due to having the book in your possession. E-books have a time limit and a hard copy book does not. I like that I am able to resell a hard copy book once I no longer need it, and resale is not an option with e-books. Everyone should have the ability to buy and sell books as we please rather than having limitations on how long we can hold the item.”
Tomas Meneses, senior finance major

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