Shark Speak: How do you feel about the Homecoming Bash being in the Rick Case Arena on campus? Why?

“I’m entirely against it because homecoming used to be a really fun thing and now it’s just another crappy campus event that no one wants to go to. I’ve talked to a lot of people and nobody wants to go because it’s in the gym.”
— Alyssa Antuna, junior biology major







“Being here for nearly four years now, I’ve seen the [homecoming bash] be really successful on off-campus locations and people have a really positive response to them. Learning that it’s being held here on campus this year kind of puts a black spot on the event.”
— Adrian Alfonzo, senior business administration major






“I think [the homecoming bash] being in the arena on campus will be a lot of fun. I’m a little depressed that there’s no live band this year, but it’ll be fun.”
— Ben Cummings, sophomore paralegal studies major






“I’m excited about it, just because it’s my first year. I feel like it would be better if it was in a different venue because I heard that last year’s [homecoming bash] was at a different venue. But, I’m still excited.”
— Angela Ogero, freshman neuroscience major






“I think it’s a really good idea because students can commute easier to the school and know specifically where it’s going to be. I feel like [the homecoming bash] is more accessible to the students.”
— Yesenia Chavez, freshman biology major

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