Shark Speak: Finals are coming up soon— would you prefer to take them online or on paper in person ?

“I definitely prefer to take finals – or any test for that matter – in person. I think, subconsciously, the structure of a classroom setting encourages me to perform better. Also, with an on-paper exam, you never have to worry about technical difficulties like the site freezing or navigating a new web page.”

Jahleeya Muhammad freshman, biology major


   “I personally prefer online classes because it would take away some of the nerves I get during exams.”

Kensey McClendon freshman, marine biology and biology major


“I prefer to take my exams in person because I don’t tend to procrastinate as much and it’s just easier for me.”

Samantha McCrea freshman, exercise and sports science major







“On paper in a classroom setting. I prefer to take them in class because I just get it out of the way without respondus or any other unnecessary things.”

Marielle Cayemitte senior, biology major


“I prefer online exams because I’m more calm when I’m in a comfortable setting. Also, It’s easier for me to space out what exams I have to take during that week. I wouldn’t have to have two within the same day.”  

Samrah Mitha, sophomore, biology and neuroscience major

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