Good luck cat café

If you like relaxing on a couch surrounded by cats, then this café is for you.

The café has been around for 2.5 years and has saved 127 cats through adoption. When you walk through the entrance, you see that it’s a normal thrift store. However, as you make your way through, a little room in the back reveals itself. As you approach the room you can see the swift swipes of multiple paws, the bellies ready for scratching and many toys to have fun with. It’s a small but cozy room. There are numerous cat towers and pictures in the room, there’s even a television for the cats’ enjoyment.

Many drinks and small snacks are available for purchase and all proceeds go towards the maintenance of the café. Upon entering the room, it is apparent that it is clean and well maintained. It is obvious that the volunteers worked hard on maintaining such excellent quality. I had the pleasure of meeting some of these volunteers. They were all very friendly and introduced me to each of the cats they had on hand. After the introductions, I made my way to the couch. The coffee table beside the couch had a variety of magazines and toys.

Of course, the first toy I went for was the laser pointer. The laser pointer was a favored toy by Nala, one of the cats that resided there. She ran all over the room pursuing the elusive dot. As popular as the laser point was, nothing could top the sack. The sack had holes in it that you could put your fingers through and then the cats would try to nibble on them. It was by far the toy they most interacted with. One of the cats wasn’t as playful, but it was powerless when it came to the sack. It began playing and pouncing on the other cats as it grew more comfortable. The cats stay at the café until they are adopted.

You have to be 21 to adopt, so that you’re more settled and living on your own — hopefully.

Laura Summers, volunteer coordinator and manager said, “There is a problem with cats being returned by adults.”

So, there’s an online application that asks you various questions, that judges if you are fit to adopt. The rescues handle the applications, not the volunteers at the café. The application fee is $75 and it includes their spay, neuter, microchip and vaccines. They raise money for the cats through donations and snacks they provide.

Summers said, “If we’re not too busy, we don’t care how long people stay but if it is busy we tend to limit the time spent per person.”

 Boomerangs gave them the space for free, so you’ll know your proceeds are going to a good cause.

Summers also said “about 90 percent of the people that do come in aren’t going to adopt. But that’s good because they get to visit the cats, and they learn to socialize with humans.”

When you go to visit, make sure you show them some love by leaving a donation or buying a snack. Also, make sure you close the door quickly because the cats like to go shopping, especially Greggy D, who has been on multiple shopping sprees so far. Make sure you follow them on Facebook and Instagram @_goodluckcatcafé to see all the latest cats you can play with — or adopt.   

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