Shark Speak: How do you celebrate your culture while at NSU?

Daniel Meza, Exercise and Sports Science, Freshman

“My roommates are similar to my race, so we all celebrate it together. I’m Hispanic, and we cook certain foods in our dorm. We live in Goodwin, so we go downstairs and make tacos.”  





Mehek Mahenti, freshman, pre-nursing major

“There’s an organization here for Muslims, so they have events and everyone meets up [to] meet people of your [religion] which makes me feel at home.”  





Jalissa Rivera, freshman, criminal justice major

“So, when I started I decided to sign for the [Latin American Student Association], and they do a lot to make me feel like I’m at home, which is Cuba because they throw a lot [of] events, like dance lessons [and] music, so I like to participate in those.”  





Nadiv Galindo, sophomore, business management major

“Pretty much, I try to be myself. I’m pretty mixed; I’m Honduran, Trinidadian, some Spanish and Caribbean.  There’s a lot of Spanish people here and if I mix with them, I try to stick with them, and the same goes for the Caribbean. My grandparents cook a lot of food, so I bring a lot of food from Trinidad here, and the necklaces I wear represent my culture pretty well. “  




Anthony Laboriel, senior, communication major

“My friends and I have created our own culture. We get together and cook our foods and just chill and enjoy each other’s presence. Rather, than having specific, different kinds of culture, we created our own and it’s kind of like a family unit, now.”

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