Shark Speak: With the recent suicides of mass-shooting victims, are schools doing enough to help students with PTSD, survivor’s guilt and related mental health issues?

“Evidently not. The recent tragedies have recently taken their toll on not just survivors, but those around them and schools need to put more resources into psychological services.” Gates Mariotti, freshman marine biology major








“I don’t think they do, only because they care about [these issues] for the two weeks after the shooting. Like we saw for maybe a month after Parkland, schools were all about [making sure that] everyone is taken care of. But as soon as it’s out of the media, they just stop all the programs in place. I think it is really important that someone is reaching out to instead of waiting for a kid to be pushed over the limit.” Haley Watters, sophomore exercise and sports science major







“So I personally feel like not enough treatment is given to these students who actually survived these shootings. More like an umbrella therapy is what they recieve, in terms of the psychological issues that they face. It is not specifically targeted to anyone, it’s just to say that therapy was given. You can see that people suffer from psychological trauma and how it manifests itself.” Jerin Joseph, second year optometry student







“I believe that schools are not doing enough to treat PTSD in students from previous shootings because students come from diverse backgrounds and from different experiences and a lot of the treatment options provided are specific to only one case or type of experience. I do believe it should be broadened more.” Neira Algazzaz, sophomore biology major







“I don’t think schools are doing enough, and specifically NSU, relating to mental health issues. I know we have Henderson Student Counseling, but even with that, the process is very difficult and they’re backed up. We should definitely have a mental health awareness week or just have open discussions about mental health.” Nabiha Ahmed, freshman biology major

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