Henderson is here: see your clinician on-campus

As of last week, Henderson Student Counseling Services (SCS) now offers remote counseling sessions on campus. As a response to student demands for SCS to be more accessible, the majority of Henderson’s clinicians are on a rotating schedule and are available on campus and at the main Henderson building. Additionally, Henderson has remodeled its intake process. Students may now submit their relevant registration documentation online, and subsequently, SCS staff will call the student. The student may then schedule an intake appointment within a 24 hour period at their own convenience. 


SCS offers NSU students 10 free counseling sessions per calendar year, as well as medication management. These sessions may be individual, couple or family sessions as long as all participants are above the age of 12. Now, students can schedule these in whichever SCS location they are most comfortable.


Although the remote movement makes SCS more accessible, director Debra Futterman notes it is less private than traveling to the main building. The remote sessions take place in a shared suite where other confidential services take place unrelated to SCS, so students may encounter people who are not there for the same purposes. However, staff at the remote location will ask how they can help a visitor rather than who the visitor is as an effort to maintain confidentiality. SCS has also placed white noise machines within the suite. 


These precautions are there to, in Futterman’s words, “afford the students the same exact opportunities that they have in the other office.” Fortunately, if a student seeking services is still uncomfortable with this notion, they are welcome to request counseling solely at the main building.


Futterman encourages every student to take advantage of their counseling sessions whether they are struggling with something or not: “We’re here to help you — the student — maximize your best self — academically, professionally, personally. Why not use a service that helps you do that?”


Additionally, Futterman reminded students: “Remember that counseling is a personal experience. If you engage, and it doesn’t go the way you thought, don’t stop. Call us. Tell us. Every clinician has a different style, and maybe that wasn’t the person for you. Letting us know helps us let you.” 


When in the swing of school, it’s a little too easy to neglect your health, but it’s important to cover all your bases and take care of your health; that should include your mental health. Call Henderson with any further inquiries at 954-888-7999 or go online to hendersonbh.org/services/student-counseling/nova-southeastern-university

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