Shark Speak: How do you keep a positive mindset on gloomy days?

“The way I keep a positive mindset is by thinking, ‘it could be worse.’ There’s always someone in a situation that’s worse than you. Think about the other people who are struggling too. You’re not the only one going through it. I try to think of the positive things in the situation, not only looking at the negative, but also the positive,”


-Caitlyn Khan,

sophomore, journalism major

“I just try to put positive vibes out there and think about happy thoughts. I try not to think negative thoughts. I just try to go with the flow and make every day count.”


-Regina Garcia, junior dance major

“Well, gloomy days usually start off with bad weather, but the way I keep a positive mindset is usually by going around, hang around with friends, talking to them and trying to just be busy.”


-Arsh Jain, sophomore

computer science major

“I just think about how far I’ve come and how thankful I am to be where I am. In the world, there’s always people who have it worse than you,”


-Adit Selvaraj, senior,

strategic communications major

“I guess I just think about my parents or people that I love and the goal that I’m going towards. Today might be a bad day, but tomorrow’s going to be a better day and I need to work for what I want.”

-Samantha Arrieta,

freshman forensic psychology major

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