Don’t be afraid to speak your mind

Sourced: Moose Photos

I catch people doing it all the time: you ask them a question when you want an honest opinion and you see them hesitate to tell you the truth. In some conversations, it’s best to “sugar-coat” your opinion to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, but sometimes I just want honesty, brutal, unedited honesty. When I see people take a pause on the first thought that runs through their head, I feel like what is actually said is a lie and is not truly the way they feel about the subject. Sometimes, that is the opinion that is needed. We tend to finish our inquiries with “be honest,” but who is to say that they are actually being honest. If I’m asking you a question, I’m asking it for a reason. Usually, because you are a person I trust or you hold a position in my life, and therefore, your opinion is of value to me. Now, there is always a time and a place for this unadulterated honesty. If I’m asking your opinion about my outfit, go for it. But if I’m asking you about something more serious, I still want the truth, maybe with a slight filter. You don’t have to be rude about it. I don’t want you to say “That decision was trash,” but maybe say something like, “That wasn’t the greatest decision you could have made.” I feel there are so many miscommunications and a general lack of communication between people as it is. Holding back your true feelings about the little things isn’t really making it any better. It just snubs you of an opportunity to express your true thoughts and the ability to speak your mind openly and honestly

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