Career Corner: Realizing your Potential

Sophia G. Perez joined Nova Southeastern
University’s Office of Career Development in
Aug. 2018 as a Career Peer Advisor. She is
pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Psychology
and a minor in Behavioral Neuroscience.
Sophia is excited to collaborate with students
and help them meet their personal, academic
and professional goals while reaching their full

When meeting with an employer, there are a couple of concepts that every individual should keep in mind. Individuals should not only focus their attention on the interview, but they should also concentrate on other factors and areas that contribute to maximizing their potential and landing a job position. What is the most important step that has to be taken in order to land your dream career? Is it the preparation before an interview, the actual interview, or after an interview? The answer is all these aspects are essential to landing your dream career. You should begin to build your experiences based on your major. Experiences such as jobs, internships, research, shadowing and volunteering opportunities help build both personal and professional development. Connecting with other professionals both within and outside of your career industry can also provide benefits. Extensive researching and preparations are necessary before you step into an interview. Deliver your points and interests easily by presenting yourself professionally and communicating clearly. After an interview, reach out to the interviewer through a follow up email and express your interest in the position and gratitude for the opportunity to interview.

Build a networking community

Networking with other individuals provides the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences. It also promotes support, advice and guidance to individuals at different stages in their career. Building a networking community not only allows you to receive guidance and support, but it also enables you to provide personalized feedback to other individuals who may need it. There are various websites and organizations that focus on building a networking community while allowing the individual to showcase their experiences and achievements. One example would be LinkedIn, which provides individuals with the opportunity to highlight their experiences and personal and professional development through sharing their accomplishments with the community.

Do your research

Before meeting with a representative from a company, research the company or organization that you are interested in. Researching aspects that you find to be imperative can help to guarantee that you can meet your goals and continue to build your professional development in a collaborative environment. Furthermore, take into consideration other factors that you believe a company must have in order for you to be comfortable to realize your passions and interests. For instance, consider an individual who is interested in maximizing opportunities for others. That individual would potentially prefer to work in a company that reflects that interest or that provides the opportunity to collaborate on projects and create resources or services that will aid in achieving that goal. Some characteristics to keep in mind during researching would be location, company size, the culture of the company, their goals and interests and opportunities for growth. Be sure to ask yourself: “Do I see myself in this company in the long-term? How can this company promote my personal and professional growth? What would I be able to contribute to this company?” These questions can aid you to further evaluate a company or organization.

Present yourself and highlight your goals and passions

Preparation is the key to getting closer to success. Preparation essentially encompasses drive, discipline, perseverance as well as great work ethic.

In terms of presenting yourself to employers and interviewers, it is imperative to follow business professional attire, which indicates your professionalism and serious interest in a specific company or organization. Prepare for the interview beforehand through mock interviews, practice your responses to possible interview questions and establish confidence through presenting yourself and your answers. Additionally, be sure to take the time to update and modify your resume with your current experiences and contact information. Before the interview, review your resume because everything that you put down could be questioned by the interviewer who wants to learn more about that experience. Also, bring a few extra copies of your resume in case your interviewer, or interviewers, would like another copy to refer to.

Communicate effectively, voice your ultimate career goals

Communication is an ability that has existed for generations and is vital for humans. In relation to career success, it is important to express your interests, goals, passions and experiences. Voicing your interests, goals and passions can aid you in securing a spot in the career that you envision yourself in and can even lead into future projects or opportunities. Expand on those interests through communicating your end career goal, such as how you see yourself in a particular position. Do not forget to connect your future career aspirations to the present. Explain who you are, where you want to be, and ultimately, how a particular company can provide you with the help and guidance to assist you in achieving your goals.


Remember to Follow up

After meeting an employer for an interview, it is crucial to send a follow up email within 24 hours. A follow up email demonstrates that you valued the meeting, insight and the employer’s time. Additionally, following up with an employer indicates courtesy, etiquette and a continued interest in the position. It can also provide additional information that may influence the decision of the company. However, ensure that the email is not too lengthy or so in-depth that it will reiterate every detail of the interview.

Constructing a follow up email is generally simple. Begin by thanking the employer or interviewer for taking the time to meet with you. Next, mention how the conversation during the interview impacted you, and consider including information that you believed to be insightful and valuable. Moreover, highlight three of your abilities while explaining how this would enable you to fulfill the requirements and responsibilities that the position entails. Finally, thank the employer, or interviewer, once again for their time and emphasize that they should contact you if there is more information that they would like from you or if there are any other questions.

Keep these quick five steps in mind to easily maximize your potential and prepare for your dream career. Begin to network with other professionals to gather knowledge, guidance and support from individuals in your career industry. Research the company you will be visiting or interviewing with ahead of time and take into account the answers to the questions that you believe are important for your career development. Presentation is a crucial aspect on the day of the interview; maintain your confidence and effectively prepare yourself and your resume. Establish effective communication, discuss your goals, interests and passions. Lastly, after an interview, construct a follow up email to reiterate your interest in the position, express your abilities and thank the interviewer for their time. Remember, preparation is key to get closer to success.

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