Declutter your space, declutter your mind

As the New Year begins, you don’t want to let remnants of 2019 drag you down. Sometimes, we keep things around out of habit or comfort without any true regard to how they impact our mental and emotional health. For some people, it is especially hard to let go. Here are a few innovative tips to repurpose items that would otherwise only take up space.


Tear it apart, put it together

If you have any clothes you love the fabric or design of but hate the style or wish it were a different color, then here is the perfect opportunity to get creative. You can cut the fabric you love to make new pieces via sewing or even repurpose the fabric toward other art projects. If you have many t-shirts that bring back good memories, visit sites like or to make a blanket out of them.


Exchange books

Several shops and online services give you the opportunity to trade in old books for new-to-you ones, or offer discounts on purchases. In South Florida, you can visit Kendall Book Exchange or the Book Exchange and Comic Shop in North Palm Beach. While it’s a bit of a drive, it allows you to get rid of books that aren’t stimulating to you anymore and pick up a brand new experience. If that drive doesn’t sound appealing, you can always talk to friends and organize your own book exchange. 


Reorganize then reconsider

While it might seem like a given, reorganizing can sometimes clarify what objects have been collecting dust in a corner, and once you find those, it’s probably time to either repurpose or donate them, both of which can be rewarding. While some things are better tossed in a bin or recycled, you can usually find a purpose for even the smallest of objects, such as using a lone sock to polish your shoes. 


Litmus test for uncertainty

If you come across any items you are unsure of, wrap them loosely in newspaper and put them all in a box. Label them generally with their function if necessary. If within six months you have not thought about the object, you probably don’t need it. Then you know you should donate, regift or reconstruct it.


These are just a few ideas to make your surroundings more comfortable to live in. There are plenty of methods for refreshing your environment, so just remember to do what works for you and be grateful for all the things you have and want to keep around.

Photo: The Honest Company

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