You’re not cool. Stop smoking on campus.

I get it. Life can be stressful and that smoking habit you picked up years ago is hard to pull away from, but for the consideration of those around you, can you please do so in private? NSU is a smoke-free campus and yet, at least once or twice a week, I see an individual somewhere on campus puffing down a cigarette out in the open air.  


In all honesty, I do not care about the stranger’s health. If smokers want to ruin their own lungs and have a laryngectomy in the near future, that is their business. However, once someone’s smoking habit impacts the individuals around them, it becomes a problem. I do not want any of your second-hand smoke just because you think it is okay to smoke outside. 


What about the people who are trying to quit this nasty habit? My mother, who has always made it a point to smoke in private settings, has been trying to quit for a while now. The fact that I have to say I am unsure when she asks me if she will see anyone smoking on campus when she comes to visit is ridiculous. How do people think in their right mind that it is okay to poison other people so blatantly?


This goes for all those electronic vapes including  Juuls, Stixs, Puff Bars or whatever else is in season right now. Those e-cigs are just as harmful to those who do not want to experience second-hand smoke or avoid succumbing to temptations. 


Just stop, you are not cool. Go smoke and ruin your own lungs in private.   

Photo: M . Macquarri

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