Games to play with RadioX’s DJ Flackie

Hey guys, it’s DJ Flackie back on another issue of the Current’s Summer Edition ready to give you my picks at some games to play this summer. Taking into account that many may be home with their families and/or roommates, to keep social distancing in order and prevent the spread of COVID-19, I’ve compiled a list of some solo and multiplayer games to enjoy with loved ones near and far.

If you want to connect with a friend online, here are a few game sites and video games you and your friends could play virtually while still discussing your struggles on a Zoom or phone call.

Now, I’m not a huge gamer myself. So, I’ve taken inspiration from my brother, friends, coworkers and others who are more game savvy than myself to make this list.

Online games

o,, or any .io game



o Roblox

Video games

o Minecraft

o Fortnite

o Animal Crossing

o Pokémon (Sword & Shield)

Having to keep my brother entertained, I’ve stumbled upon a handful of old board games and card games that we had saved around the house. Another good game would be a quick scavenger hunt around your house to see what games you can find before ordering a new board game or buying a new deck of cards. Here is a list of some board and card games that can be pretty fun and help pass the time.

Board games

● Monopoly

● Candyland

● Snakes and Ladders

● Sorry

● Connect 4

● Chest

● Checkers

Card games

● Uno (cards)

● Spit (card)

● Spoons (card)

I only took the time to mention three card games I personally find entertaining due to the fact they are quick-paced, but there are many games that can be played with just one deck of cards. The trick is finding and learning the rules to all these different games online.

There you have it: my list of games to play this summer. If you try any of these websites or find cooler games to play, let The Current know @thecurrentnsu or tag @nsuradiox. We would love to see what fun ways you have to stay safe and connected this summer.

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