Day of desserts

Being a college student, especially during these past few months, means some days are bound to be tougher than others. When those days arrive, a big bowl of ice cream is a great way to lift up the mood. Thankfully, we do not have to feel guilty about indulging in sweet treats because National Dessert Day is on Oct. 14. This day is all about indulging and enjoying all of your favorite desserts such as cake, ice cream, donuts and more. This day also allows us to enjoy new desserts that we’ve never tried. It’s a great opportunity to learn about new ways to enjoy our favorite delicacies.


No one really knows who started National Dessert Day. However, we do know that the word “dessert” derives from the French word “desservir,” which means to remove what had been served from the table. According to, a website dedicated to cooking, baking and all other food related things, “desservir” is something served after everyone eats dinner. Since the dish would be a sugar induced wine, it lead to “desservir” or “dessert” always being something sweet and sugary.


There are a few things that you could do to celebrate National Dessert Day. You could gather your loved ones and simply just go to the grocery store and buy a tub of ice cream or a delicious pre-made cake. You could also have a bake-off with your friends and family and try everyone’s dessert to see which is the best. If you’d rather celebrate your dessert day solo, you could make some treats on your own, too.


Some sweet treat ideas

You could wash some strawberries, melt some chocolate and make some chocolate covered strawberries as a great way to be creative. 


Another way to be creative with dessert is to make cake-in-a-jar. First, you bake the desired cake flavor, then use a round cookie cutter to cut out circles of cake and put the round pieces into a mason jar and add your favorite frosting and toppings. 


Another easy way to enjoy a sweet treat is to buy some brownie mix, follow the directions on the box and pop them in the oven for a treat that will be ready in less than an hour. 


Something that’s a bit more time consuming and difficult, but delicious, nonetheless, is making Creme brulee. Creme brulee, also known as burned cream, is a French dessert made with mainly cream, sugar and eggs and is known for its custard base and layer of hardened caramelized sugar. 


A few more popular desserts that are always fun to eat are the banana split, apple pie, s’mores and carrot cake.


On National Dessert Day, go ahead and order your favorite treat and indulge heavily on whatever sweet dishes you want. Enjoy yourself on this day meant for celebrating our favorite desserts.

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