Housing contracts open and self-selection starts

Housing contracts have been released and self-selection for rooms and roommate assignments begins this month. For students looking to be included in the self-selection process, housing contracts are due by Oct. 22 for early access to room selection. Students that have lived on campus for more than six terms will get first access to rooms and roommate selection on Oct. 26. Self-selection will continue until Oct. 28 at 5 p.m. This is also the last day for late submissions of housing contracts for self-selection. 

Students who submit their housing contract after Oct. 22, but before Oct. 28, will be allowed to select from what is left over after the initial self-selection process. Any submissions after this date will be assigned to rooms and roommates from the remaining rooms prior to room assignment by the Office of Residential Life and Housing. Any contracts submitted afterwards will result in manual assignments done by Housing. While there is no official deadline for submitting contracts for students applying for self-selection, students should submit their contracts as soon as possible. 

According to Diones Adorno, assistant director of housing assignments at the Office of Residential Life and Housing, “All our selection processes start with our contract. So, the housing contracts have to come out and that’s when students have the opportunity to submit a housing contract and that’s the way we know that they want housing for a particular year or semester. Our winter 2021 specific housing contract went live on our website at 9 a.m. [on Oct. 1].” 

The housing contracts, which include clauses on cancellations, penalties and other related clauses, is a standard leasing agreement that students wanting to live on campus must complete every semester. This academic year’s contract also includes an addendum regarding COVID-19 precautions and procedures.  

With the current safety precautions in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, on-campus housing has made alterations to the process of room selection and assignments. 

According to Adorno, the university will “Continue single occupancy across campus. Some of our rooms are configured to be doubles or triples, but—this semester—because of the pandemic [all rooms] are singles. [Originally this was] for this semester only, but the university has decided to renew this for winter as well.”

Students on campus can stop by the Office of Residential Life and Housing in The Commons or speak to their resident assistants or housing front desk staff and area coordinator for any questions they have. 

“We are very student centered and we always work with the students and their families if they are unhappy with the space or if they want to move somewhere else. We always have different processes to try our best to make them happy,” Adorno said.

Adorno suggests that students go over the contract in full with their legal guardian, and if they have any questions or concerns, the Office of Residential Life and Housing can be reached by phone at 954-262-7052 or by email at housing@nova.edu. To get a housing contract, students can go to www.nova.edu/housing

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