Athlete of the Week: Bestun Mohammed

Picture printed with permission from D. Hendricks: Bestun Mohammed said that his success on the soccer field is part of a healthy team dynamic and good coaching staff.

Bestun Mohammed is a graduate student pursuing his MBA in finance and a men’s soccer team member. In 2016, Mohammed led the team in goals. On Oct. 4, Mohammed scored the game-winning goal in the 84th minute of the game against Barry, securing a 1-0 win over Barry University.

Where are you from and what brought you to Nova Southeastern University?

“I am originally from Norway. I came to NSU because when I had the chat with the head coach, he had a very interesting philosophy. He was starting to build the program and play soccer just the way I like. Also, the campus looked incredibly beautiful in pictures. [NSU] also has so many international students, so the [diversity] is really huge, which is really a positive thing for me. That made the process of choosing my next university very simple.”

How would you describe the men’s soccer team dynamic?

“Like I said before, [NSU] is a really diverse school and so is the soccer team. We have players from all around the world. It’s really interesting because you get to learn something new about all types of cultures and languages across the nations. The dynamic when it comes to a social life outside of the locker room and off the field is really good as well. We are able to connect really well. All the credit goes to our coach because he has picked a handful of really great players on and off the field.”

You led the team in goals last season and scored last Wednesday’s game-winning goal. Do you have any secrets?

“The only secret is that I have really good teammates and a really good coaching staff who provide all the material we need to prepare well for a game.”

Do you have any special training methods?

“I like to listen to music. I like to juggle a bit with the ball as well… Besides the normal things on the field, I really don’t do much else. I try to get in my own zone as quickly as possible to stay concentrated and focused on my own tasks.”

What is your favorite part of being a part of the soccer team at NSU?

“Considering that I am from abroad, joining a group like the soccer team means having a second family. Being a part of a family like that is really positive, for me at least.”

What are your plans after graduation?

“I haven’t decided everything yet, but I will definitely be working. I am going to try to play soccer on the side if possible. Of course the optimal dream would be to go pro, but for the time being I am looking at jobs both here and abroad back home.”