Athlete of the Week: Lexie Storrer

Printed with permission from D. Hendricks. Sophomore Lexie Storrer was named to the 2017 Spring Commissioner’s Honor Roll and she was named First Team All-State and First All-Sunflower League in 2016, 2015 and 2014.

Finishing the 2017 season with a 20-10 record, the most wins by a Shark since 2012, sophomore pre-nursing major Lexie Storrer is a pitcher on the softball team who excels at her sport.

What made your interested in playing softball?

“My aunt and my grandpa, but my aunt played her whole life so I grew up watching her play and I decided to play too.”

When did you realize you were meant to be pursue being a pro softball player?

“I started playing when I was eight, so by the time I was like 10 I was like ‘Ok, I’m pretty good at this’ so I just kept going and going.”

You recently had a perfect game, can tell me about it?

“Yeah. A perfect game is a game when you don’t have anyone on base. You don’t walk anybody. You don’t hit anybody. It’s kind of all just you, pretty much. But, I got a lot of ‘pump ups.’ My defense did a lot of the work too. It was good. It was fun.”

How did this make you feel?

“I felt pretty good about it. I worked really hard the week before. We struggled in Alabama and then I work really hard with coach [LeMaire] before practices and then in the game it just paid off.”

How’s living in Florida different from living in Kansas?

“It’s hot, like really hot. In Kansas it’s cold right now and here it’s really hot. So being outdoors practicing is one of the benefits here rather than being back in Kansas.”

This is your Sophomore year, how close are you with your team and your coaches?

“I absolutely love my coaches and my teammates. I feel like everybody gets along so well and the culture is so different down here so it’s easier to get along with people.”

You have two brothers, do you play softball a lot with them?

“Yes, I have two younger brothers. They play baseball and one plays basketball so I usually play with them.”

How do you balance school and athletics?

“It’s pretty easy. It’s all time management. You got to get your homework done before practice or even after practice. It’s not that bad you just got to do your work.”

How do you feel about your success so far here at NSU?

“I think is awesome. It’s a ton to do with coach LeMaire and her teaching me everything, you know, following her lead. And I bind into her process, [it’s] are very helpful.”