Seriously Kidding: Biden and Obama to go to Vegas after the Inauguration


President Obama has officially served his two terms of presidency. The man in the White House is on his way out Jan. 20, handing over the reins to president-elect Donald Trump. But what will he do then, when he’s no longer responsible for a country and the 319 million people in it?

“I’m going to take a break,” he said when asked. “I need some time off. I deserve it.” His vice president and close friend Joe Biden echoed this sentiment.

“Yeah, me and Barack had to basically fight our way through these past eight years,” said Vice President Biden. “I’m tired and so is he. We need some bro-time after dealing with the Republicans in Congress for so long. Trust me, having to handle that for eight years does things to people.”

Obama said he and Biden will be going on a weeklong trip to Las Vegas as soon as the inauguration is over.

“Once I am no longer in control of the situation, I’m out,” Obama said. “They’re all Donald’s problems now. I just want to go and forget it all, and where else is better than Vegas?” President Obama explained it was his turn to relax and Donald Trump’s turn to feel the stress of the presidency. It’s a job, Obama states, that will show the man how brutal the highest seat of office really is.

“Maybe he’ll go gray like me,” said Obama. “Nine years ago, I looked young and energetic, and now I’m an old man. Maybe time in Vegas can restore that youth, and then Biden and I can watch as Donald goes from orange to gray.”

When asked about their wives’ thoughts on their week-long trip to Vegas, Vice President Biden said, “We didn’t tell them. There’s a level of secrecy that the president and vice president have to maintain on certain issues, even when we’re out of office. This definitely counts as one of those ‘highly classified’ types of things. National security and all, you understand?”

What do the two men plan to do? Obama said that he wanted to try his hand at poker since the high stakes, high pressure environment of the game makes it “just like dealing with Congress.”

Joe Biden, on the other hand, said he would like to try to hit the jackpot on a slot machine. “Maybe it’ll help put a dent in the national debt,” the vice president joked.

The two men refused to divulge where specifically they will be going in Vegas and what their itinerary is for the week. According to Obama, some things are best left unsaid.


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