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Sometimes cartoons make life seem so much easier. Like when a character is faced with a tough decision and two little guys show up on his shoulders. One an angel, and one a little devil, and both offer some advice. All the character has to do is choose whichever he feels is best and then do it. The little guys disappear and come back whenever another crucial decision is approached.

Okay, let her in

Forget the wimpy vampires in “Twilight” who glitter in the sunlight and recite poetry. “Let Me In’s” young blood-drinker burns alive in the sun and would rather rip your throat out than hear Shakespeare. But, c’mon guys, she’s hungry.

Wherefore art thou Chromeo?

It’s not what you think. Chromeo is not a tricked-out Shakespearean Romeo with platinum spinning necklaces and matching grill. However, as odd as a pairing between Shakespeare, and something usually used to make cars look shiny seems, Chromeo is quite the odd pair themselves. Hailing out of Montreal, Canada, P-Thugg (Patrick Gemayel) and Dave 1 (David Macklovitch), are the self-proclaimed “Arab/Jewish partnership” that makes up the group Chromeo.

Owls that do more than hoot

Zack Snyder has never directed a romantic comedy. Why would he? When you can direct a movie that makes owls look as fierce and heroic as the Spartans he created in “300,” there is nothing else you need to be doing. This is what you were born to do Mr. Snyder.