Don’t toss fashion away with your graduation cap


With graduation quickly approaching, graduation fashion might be on your mind. You may have already received your cap and gown and you might be thinking that your cap needs a little sprucing up. Bust out the glitter and pull out your glue gun, because you’re about to get crafty. If you are looking to decorate your cap, consider some of these options inspired by Pinterest.

Embrace your major and your involvements

When it comes time to walk across that stage and receive your diploma, you may want to highlight your major on your cap. For instance, if you are involved in print journalism, consider covering your cap with your printed stories and other embellishments like a border and a quote. If you love medical science, consider including a heart rate rhythm or a stethoscope. If you are passionate about finance, include painted dollar bills and a fun quote like “banking on this investment.”

The sky’s the limit with major-specific graduation caps, so have fun with it. In addition to major-specific décor, consider including a design from a club or organization that had a huge impact on your college career. This could be a sorority or fraternity, a leadership organization or even a club that helped you realize your passion.

Show your school spirit

What is better than showing your Shark pride on graduation day? For this idea, grab all the blue, gray and white you can find to adorn your cap. Including the school mascot is always an option as well, but for a fun twist consider printing off the left shark meme and incorporating that into your design. One example found on Pinterest features the left shark with a quote that reads “I ‘left’ with the ‘right’ degree.” Another way to include a well-known shark is to paint the shark from “Jaws” onto your cap. Including a scary shark opens up doors to poke fun at student loans by using a term like “loan shark.”

Thank your support system

School is tough and you probably did not make it through without a little support, whether emotional or financial. Thank your parents or your friends for their support during this chapter of your life. You can also take the time to appreciate your favorite study buddy: caffeine. For this option, feel free to choose your favorite coordinating colors and express your appreciation in your own handwriting. Embellish your cap with flowers, patterns, appliques or glitter.

Crack a joke

Why so serious? If you have a sense of humor, showcase that on graduation day. If you love “Friends,” throw it back and include the yellow frame with the words “the one where I graduate” on top of your cap. If you love SpongeBob, consider painting that iconic Hawaiian motif with the words “four years later…” in bold, block letters.

For more inspiration, consider movies, shows and books you love and the funny twists you can recreate for graduation day. You may even want to include a joke about a B.A. or B.S. degree. You could also go for the classic “Hire me” written in big, block letters to start the job hunt before you are even handed the diploma.

Offer up some inspiration

Is there a quote that has gotten you through all of those late nights and early mornings? Inspirational quotes are important when it comes to mustering the confidence to step out of your comfort zone and try new things in college. If there is a particular scripture or saying that has inspired you, include it in your cap design.

Showcase your passion

Maybe you really love art, music or traveling. Just because you didn’t earn a degree in international studies or art doesn’t mean you can’t showcase your passion for those things. For travel-lovers, a printed map with specific spots marked may serve as inspiration. For those who love photography, paste some of your favorite photos and memories from your collegiate career on your hat. If you want to include something to showcase your love of music, consider adding music notes and the lyrics to your favorite song. There is no limit to incorporating your creativity and passions.

A nod to your next step

Are you headed off to grad school or starting with your dream job? If so, announce that to the arena. Whether you are headed off to med school or seeing what life holds for you, your cap should reflect how excited you are for the next step. While tons of ideas can be found on Pinterest, some of the most popular are handwritten “let the journey begin” or “on to my next adventure.”


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