Editor’s Note


Hello NSU,

As you flip through our last issue of the semester, we know what you’re thinking. What will you do on Tuesday mornings without the latest issue of The Current, hot off the press, to go with your coffee? Don’t fear – the paper will return in August, even though, since we are both seniors, we will not be returning as its editors-in-chief.

It has been an honor to write about you and for you.  

Thank you for reading our stories. Thank you for agreeing to our interviews. Thank you for calling and emailing us – whether it was positive or negative feedback. It means a lot to know that even one person is reading. Thank you for being part of this growing campus that has given us so much to write about.

Keep swimming.


Jacquie and Grace

Caption: Jacquie Lytle (left) and Grace Ducanis (right).

Credit: Jacquie Lytle