Fenty Beauty has plenty of shades

Picture, S. Villarroel: The Fenty Beauty PRO FILT’R foundation has a wide range of shades to fit every skin tone.

On Sept. 8, the earth stood still, not because it was International Literacy day, even though that is momentous as well, but because Fenty Beauty was released at Sephora and Harvey Nichols. Robyn Fenty, commonly known as Rihanna, created a beauty line that made an impact in the makeup industry.

Fenty Beauty foundation comes in 40 different shades ranging from light neutrals to dark cools. No other makeup brand has been able to pull that off. There are lots of people with varying skin tones that have different pigmentations and undertones other than just beige. There are undertones of cool colors like pink, red, blue-ish/green and warm colors like yellow, peachy and golden. For women of varied ethnicities, Fenty has brought much joy because, with 40 different shades, the possibility of finding their match is greater than ever before. Many famous and well-known makeup brands do not always carry colors like dark cool. Rihanna’s foundation, called “PRO FILT’R,” has a matte finish that claims to hide blemishes without the enchantment of primer or concealers.  

The rest of the line includes highlighters, concealers, primers and brushes. The highlighters will make you look like that scene from Twilight when Edward’s skin is exposed to the sun. Her highlighter, also known as “KILLAWATT,” comes in six different shades, one of which is “The Trophy Wife,” which is a 3D hyper-metallic gold that lasts all day. The shade shines bright like a diamond on olive skin. Fenty Beauty’s lip line is especially unique, as Rihanna found a color that would look good on every single skin tone color. It sounds unbelievable, but she did it and it’s called “Gloss Bomb,” a universal lip luminizer.

“Fenty Beauty was created for everyone: for women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures and races,” Rihanna wrote on her makeup line’s website. I think her mission statement is living up to her products. She took over two years to develop the brand and researched how she could provide all women with quality makeup. Women use makeup almost every day whether it’s just eyeliner and lip gloss or a face full of products. It’s something that women use to enhance their beauty, so providing products that all women can use regardless of skin tone or skin conditions is a major breakthrough in the makeup industry.

The demand and popularity of the brand have people asking what’s next for Rihanna’s line. On Sept. 21, Rihanna released a photo from her personal Instagram featuring new products. The picture contains a few liquid eyeliners and a 14-color eyeshadow palette with some edgier metallics. There will be more lip products and a new packaging style other than her glossy pink package. The new products are set to release on Oct. 13, with the spooky launch being Rihanna’s first ever holiday release. Her successful brand is changing how the makeup industry caters to women of color and we couldn’t be happier.