Flight Deck makes changes


NSU’s Flight Deck Pub, which was originally managed by the Office of Students Affairs, has transferred management to Chartwells and NSU’s Office of Business Services.

Chartwells Marketing Manager Amanda Goodwin said all parties involved decided it would be best for the Office of Business Services to take over since they work with Chartwells for all other NSU dining services.

“Business Services currently manages and oversees the dining services here on NSU’s campus,” she said. “It only made sense for the Flight Deck Pub to be added under the same umbrella.”

Before the change in management, 2014-2015 Undergraduate Student Government Association Minority Senator Collier Strenkert, senior biology and marine biology major, co-created legislation with fellow 2014-2015 Minority Senator Nikita Doshi, freshman biology major, to add more vegetarian options at the Flight Deck.

The legislation explains that NSU houses many cultures and lifestyles and that the Flight Deck currently lacks vegetarian options. The options include french fries, veggie burgers, caesar salads and cobb salads. Strenkert planned on meeting with Goodwin to address the legislation, but the change in management delayed the meeting, as it was planned to occur as the new SGA was announced for 2015-2016.

Strenkert said adding more vegetarian options would help increase the diversity of students who frequent the Flight Deck Pub.

“Many people on campus are vegetarian, whether by choice or religious requirement,” he said. “Everyone should have multiple food options at an establishment such as the Flight Deck.”

Because of the change in management, changes will not be made immediately, but Strenkert said the legislation will remain in SGA’s records. The new SGA team can resume the legislation in the fall, and Goodwin said she would like to help pick up where Strenkert left off and address the changes.

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