Gyrokinesis: The form to a better life


Have you ever felt stress after a long day at school or work? Have you been too tired to do anything but plop into your chair in front of the television?  Are you an athlete who can’t move, feels tight and needs help loosening up? About a year ago I was struggling as a championship golfer with tight hips and a bad back, which made me  hit the ball short and crooked.  The thought that I would never be able to play golf well again crept into my head, until my friend told me to try gyrotonics.

It is designed for every age group and every physical condition, according to Jenny Everett, author of the article “Gyrotonics: The At-Home Workout You Have Not Tried.

Gryotonics is based on the concept of “three-dimensional movements, including spirals and circles,” explained Justine Bernard, a physical therapist in Washington, DC, on the Elements Fitness & Wellness Center website. Most of the exercises concentrate on linear motions.

Gyrotonics classes usually last 60-90 minutes based on the person’s ability. Classes usually start with a warm up sequence and continue to increase the range of motion, preparing the body for more difficult movements with agility and swiftness. It then goes to floor exercises that use golf muscles, which include the hips, shoulders, hands and feet.

After doing these exercises I was able to generate more club head speed and I hit my driver 20 yards further. I was also able to control the ball flight better, had better contact and directional control of the ball, and most importantly I was able to limit any further injury to my back. I felt more confident and excited to play competitive golf again. If you are an athlete that is coming back from injury and you need to regain flexibility I highly recommend you try these exercises. You will get more energy and gain confidence. To find instructors in the Weston and Ft. Lauderdale area, visit You can also visit Lifetime Performance in Palm Beach Gardens.

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