Thanksgiving is over. Christmas is done. And, you are still recovering from your New Year’s Eve party. Time to start thinking about the next big social event: the Super Bowl.

The holidays are a time to spend with family, but the Super Bowl is a great way to start the year because you can spend it with friends. Everyone loves the Super Bowl, even people who do not watch football love this event. The game might be entertaining to some, but the commercials, the halftime show, the food and the drinks are sometimes even more enjoyable than the game itself.

So how do you throw an awesome Super Bowl party? Here are the steps to make sure your party is a touchdown.

Step one: television

You must have a good TV. This is vital to the experience. If you have a 27-inch box from 1999, no one is going to come to your place. Make sure you have a high-definition television, the bigger the better, because most of your guests will not be sitting by the TV. They will probably be watching the game from the food table, from the back of the living room or even from outside, so 40-inches or larger is usually the way to go. You do not have to shell out for the most expensive TV. Most electronic stores have sales as the game draws near, and, according to CNBC, prices for TVs drop five to 10 percent the week of the game, and drop even lower the day before the game. So go out there and get that nice TV. Your guests will love it, and you will love it after the big game.

Step two: food

Have a variety of food and drinks to serve to your guests. You can always go for your typical store-bought chicken wings, chips, nachos, finger foods, etc. but, to make your party really pops, put some more effort in your Super Bowl spread. Fire up the grill and make your own chicken wings, grill up burgers made-to-order, hot dogs and shish-kabobs.

The food you prepare can also have a theme. Since the New England Patriots are playing, have New England clam chowder, lobster rolls and Boston crème pie for dessert. A theme shows your guests you really put some effort into the party and did not just buy a bunch of chips and dip and call it a day.

Always remember, however, to have food for the little ones. Adults will appreciate the effort, and, if you do not have chicken tenders and other kid-friendly foods, you might have some cranky parents leaving the party early because their kids will be starving.

Also, do not forget to have alternatives for guests who are health conscious. Some suggestions for them are baked chips, grilled or cold veggies, hummus and maybe some grilled fish. If you’re considerate of everyone, everyone will have a good time.

Step three: decorations

Just because you will be sitting around a television watching a football game does not mean you do not have to decorate. Birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers and engagement parties entail decorating, so your Super Bowl party should not be an exception.

Having great decorations makes it fun for casual sports fans. Party City is a great place to pick up Super Bowl decorations. The store’s Super Bowl sets come complete with table decorations, cups, plates, matching utensils, bowls and serving dishes, and some even include party games, all for a moderate price.

You can get great decoration ideas from sites such as Pinterest and Etsy and blogs such as Hostess with the Mostess. They are always easy to do and are, most importantly, affordable. The most important part of decorating your home for a Super Bowl party is to have fun. It can be as simple as having a couple of footballs near the food and TV or printing out team logos and hanging them around the house. Putting effort into the decorations shows your guests that you care, and they are more likely to attend other parties you throw in the future.

Step four: games

For adults, having a score pool is a fun way to get everyone involved in the game. Have guests guess what the final score will be for each quarter of the game, and award them with either money or prize ribbons, which can also be purchased at Party City. A dart board is always a great idea, but be sure to get soft-tipped arrows in case the kiddies get their hands on them.

For kids, set aside an area or a room where they can play. Make sure the area has a television and things for them to do. For the younger ones, crayons and coloring paper is vital. You can print out black and white logos of the teams playing and have the kids color what team they think will win.

For the older kids who are not interested in football, make sure you provide them with your Wi-Fi password and an area where they can charge their devices.

The most important thing about a Super Bowl party is for you to have a great time. Do not stress too much, and do not worry about whether your guests are having a good time or not. You will know, and if you follow these four steps, you will have one of the best Super Bowl parties ever, and your guests will leave saying, “Can’t wait until next year!”

David Alen is a senior communication studies major.