How to prepare when midterms are coming


With midterms beginning for most and finals happening for those in eight-week courses, you may be finding yourself cramming for your written exams and stressing over completing your papers and projects. Exams can be stressful, so be sure to prepare for them the best way you can. Check out these tips to prepare for your exams, brought to you by your fellow classmates.

Break it up

Permission from J. Register
Permission from J. Register

We know how overwhelming it can be to study for multiple exams all in the same week. Instead of cramming for all of your exams the day before, consider breaking up the material and the classes and dividing up your study time.

Parker Edwards, sophomore exercise science major:

“Midterms are really stressful because you have to study a lot of information for a lot of different classes, so I try to stick to a study schedule. With all of my other assignments due as well, I try to study every subject every night. Maybe I’ll do one hour for one class and then maybe two hours for a harder class, like my anatomy class. I know that class is not a joke and I have to study for it every night. The other classes I try to just dabble a little bit here and there that way over time I can get it all covered.”

Utilize study tools

Permission from J. Register
Permission from J. Register

When it comes to studying for midterms, your highlighter is probably your best friend. If you are lucky enough to be given a study guide from your professor, be sure to complete it and make sure you understand all of the material. Utilizing tools like study apps, quizzing websites and flashcards can also help break up your study routine.

Adison Almeida, sophomore nursing major:

“Most of the time I just use the teacher’s reviews, so those help a lot. Usually I will use their review but I won’t just go by what they give me, I’ll do an extensive review and go more in depth about the subject. I also like to use flashcards for definitions because that is a great way to quiz yourself on the information.”

Plan according to your exam schedule

Permission from J. Register
Permission from J. Register

While it may seem like a great idea to study for your hardest class first, think about the order of which you will be taking them. If you have a midterm on Monday, consider utilizing the bulk of your weekend study time on that class. This way, you free up time later in the week to study for other classes.

Victoria Biddle, sophomore dance and arts administration double major:

“I usually go to Starbucks because it is open 24 hours, and I stay up super late and study. I typically go by the order of the midterms, so I’ll study whichever one that is on Monday a few days before the exam by reading the chapters, looking over my notes and reviewing the major topics.”

Midterms can be stressful, but the good news is that they are over in just a week. In between your studying and reading, remember to stay calm, eat nutritious meals and if all else fails, drink lots of delicious coffee.