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Shooting at MLK Day Parade in Miami

According to the Washington Post, a Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration in Miami took a violent turn on Mon., Jan. 16, when gunfire erupted at a crowded outdoor festival honoring the civil rights leader, injuring eight people, including five juveniles, authorities said. The shooting took place at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, and police said it was an exchange between rival gangs.

Obama shortens sentence of Chelsea Manning

According to Time Magazine, former President Barack Obama shortened the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, the former U.S. military intelligence analyst who was responsible for a 2010 leak of classified materials to anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, the biggest such breach in U.S. history. Manning was due to serve 35 years behind bars; however, Obama has shortened the sentence to time served plus 120 days. The President said the time Manning was sentenced to was “disproportionate” to the sentences other whistleblowers have faced.

Avalanche destroys Italian hotel, up to 30 feared dead under snow

According to the New York Times, an avalanche buried a hotel in a ski town in central Italy on Jan. 18, leaving at least 30 people missing. The avalanche appears to have been triggered by a series of earthquakes that hit the area. Six people have been rescued so far, and rescue operations are still going on.

Girl Throws Dog from Blue Heron Bridge

A girl was seen throwing a dog off the Blue Heron bridge in Riviera beach on Jan. 18. According to the Sentential, the girl said that she did so “cause dogs can fly.” BJ, an eight-year-old Jack Russell terrier mix, is in stable condition now, after a nearly 50 foot fall off the bridge. No more information was given about the girl, but according to the sheriff’s office, charges in the case will be forthcoming.