News Anchor, Mar. 13, 2018


Doctors in Canada petition to lower their salary

Hundreds of doctors in Quebec have signed a petition saying that they do not want to receive the raises they got after negotiations with the provincial government last month, according to CNN. The petition states that the doctors would rather the funds be redistributed to the nurses and clerks who work in the hospitals, or for the supplies necessary for their patients. This comes after major budget cuts to the healthcare industry in Quebec.

Women in Spain form mass protests on international women’s day

On March 8, millions of women joined protests across Spain targeting inequality and sexual discrimination. According to BBC, women participating did not go to work or spend money and protested in the streets chanting: “If we stop, the world stops.” Several government officials including the mayors of Madrid and Barcelona supported the strike.

Two arrested following racist university chants

Two men have been arrested after a video of racist chants were shouted in England’s Nottingham Trent University residence halls, according to BBC. Student Rufaro Chisango tweeted the video which showed the students shouting “we hate the blacks” outside her bedroom door.

France threatens intervention in Syria

France officials said that they will intervene in Syria if accusations of chemical attacks on Eastern Ghouta prove to be true, according to Aljazeera. A video surfaced on March 7 which appeared to show civilians struggling to breathe among phosperous bombs dropped by the Syrian government. Eastern Ghouta has become the latest center of violent activity in the Syrian civil war which has lasted for more than five years and is one of the last strongholds of the Syrian opposition.