Seriously kidding: Birth rate to drop because of Beyoncé’s twins


Social scientists and population experts have predicted a massive decline in the U.S. birth rate because of the Carter twins, who have yet to be born.

On Feb. 1, singing sensation Beyoncé announced on Instagram that she and husband Jay-Z will have two siblings to share five-year-old Blue Ivy’s inheritance. While new life is always an exciting addition, news of the Carter twins has brought forth quite the cultural phenomenon.

“The UK was obviously thrilled by news of Prince George and Princess Charlotte,” commented social psychologist Alberta Bandana. “But, I think the Carter twins have surpassed that level of excitement for the American people.”

Although the numbers vary among experts, Bandana predicts the birth rate to decrease by at least 10 percent over the next year. A survey conducted by Babies “R” Us, reported one in six women said they were planning to have children and changed plans after the news of the Carter twins. Becky Goodwig, local hairdresser and mother-not-to-be, is part of that statistic.

“I’m not going to lie; I was planning on having children. Children provide so much hope, especially in a country that is this tense. But after hearing about Beyoncé’s twins, I think they’re going to be enough,” said Goodwig.

Goodwig’s feeling mirrors social media trends. Within the past week, hashtags, such as #Yoncegotuscovered, #twinstakepriority and #babyoncé4everyone, have exploded across platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

While population analyst and psychologist K.F. Seer shares in the excitement of the Carter twins, he said society should be cautious about canceling their baby plans just yet.

“While no one seems to care about the ever-declining birth rate as is, it’s important not to give us your reproduction plans just because of the Carter twins,” he said. “Remember that Instagram posts are going to be limited, and the truth is that we won’t be seeing as much of the Carter twins as we would probably like.”

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have a reputation, like many celebrities, of shielding their children from media attention. Bandana also said that many people will probably be upset if they cancel their own family plans only to miss out on the cutest part of the twins’ lives.

“Unless Kim and Kanye end up having triplets,” said Bandana, “the public will be sorely deprived of baby pictures if they rely on the Carter twins.”